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Worked with New York Design maven, Lindsey Adelman and managed the production of a 50+ line of lighting fixtures and helped to grow her company and manufacturing process from a scrappy team of 6, to a much bigger team of 23 go-getters! 

Lindsey Adelman


JAN 2012 – OCT 2014

Production Lead &

Master Builder

I absolutely loved working with Sara from 2012 to 2014 for my studio where we design and fabricate high-end light fixtures in NYC. Sara was hired to build chandeliers which she excelled at and quickly demonstrated her ability and passion for management on a higher level. She has a wonderful combination of characteristics that is a dream for any boss including: focus, self-discipline, drive, ownership, and never-ending positivity. She can train new people without being condescending. She can lead with a style that makes her feel part of the team. Her enthusiasm is contagious in any group effort. She is sharp and demonstrates an impressive sense of the big picture while being able to zoom into minute details. She is a whiz at setting up systems both on the computer and in person. Sara brings added value to any situation and if she still lived in NYC I’d like to think she’d still be with me!

Lindsey Adelman, Owner

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